Lopdell House Refurbishment

“The task of restoring a landmark building in a suburban village centre sets the architect a difficult task: the existing form and fabric must be respected but the building is not a museum piece and needs to be re-configured as part of the community’s future as well as of its past. This task has been mastered by the architects who carried out the conservation and refurbishment of Lopdell House. The various accretions which over the years have degraded the building’s presence have been stripped-back and a sensitive colour scheme and some opening up of the pavement faces of the building have made it both more comfortably integrated with its neighbours and more accessible. The completed project, sharp, refreshed and skillfully adjusted to new uses, is now ready to act as a focus of the Titirangi community for another generation.”NZIA Judges’ comments.




2015 Auckland Architecture Award (Heritage)